Friday, November 5, 2010

Pushing Past our Paradigmatic Prejudices
                It is in our very nature to distrust that which we cannot experience with our own senses. Despite this distrust, the fundamental point of religion is that there exists a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be experienced in the reality that is determined solely by our senses.  These phenomena then must be taken to be true on account of faith.   Billions of people across our world consider themselves as knowing, or at least having a strong belief, in phenomena that cannot be proven by the scientific method, or by any of our senses.  It can then be assumed that faith exists in the very fabric of our human natures.  We are dichotomous beings both trusting in and doubting the improvable, intangible etherealness of alternate realities.    Given this, we should not think it unsurprising that doubt and disbelief arise spontaneously from events we only read, see, or hear about in the media. The very fact that the media, for all intents and purposes, creates the realities it dispenses makes this abundantly clear.  This is the case due to the fact that all we know about the vastness of the world and the peoples that dot the planet are experienced through artificial means that recreate those realities in our minds.  In truth, the very life we live is a reconstruction of words, sights, and sounds that are dispensed to us by others.   While this may not seem profound to you, those who control the flow of information wield perhaps the greatest power in this world-the power to in effect create reality.
                Propaganda has been used effectively in the major wars of the 20th century to influence people to act in certain ways.  The individual himself is not able to completely access the whole of information that is available and must rely on others to give it to him.  This access to vast amounts of information, (reality in all senses) has typically been in the hands of the few.  Despite this, conflicts with the mainstream reality produced by those who control the flow of information have existed for some time.  However, with the advent of the internet the average individual now has the ability to create, manipulate, experience, and distribute virtually unlimited amounts of information (reality).  It should come as no surprise that conflicting information to the prior mainstream information has grown exponentially.  No longer must the average individual rely on a hand few of sources to distribute reality. This almighty power has now come to the individual.  
                The difficulty now remains which of these innumerable sources actually contains the most accurate representation of reality?  How are we to know the truth?  In whom can we trust?  The ebb and flow of information will continued unabated with or without our paying attention to it.  Despite this it remains within us to decide for ourselves on the key issues that pragmatically affect our own reality.  
There exist some reality altering events that have dramatically shifted the entire world; it is these events that perhaps best deserve our uttermost scrutiny in considering the inevitable conflicts of reality that will arise.  I argue that in our lifetime, in the USA, the major paradigm shift for America and ultimately a considerable portion of the entire world was 9/11.  This singular event catapulted our entire nation into another reality-one where the threat of violence seemed unrestrainable.  With the continued menace of terrorism hovering over us our nation has engaged in wars, passed policies, and committed substantial treasure and blood to preventing it.  These massive undertaking have all come about because of what happened during a few hours in one morning.  With all that has transpired since we should not be too quick to accept any theory without thorough research and review.
To those who unequivocally absolutely deny or acknowledge either the official or alternative explanations for 9/11 we should be wary.   We should above all else firmly substantiate our claims and then submit them to unbiased examiners before we point the finger at supposed perpetrators.
My endeavor is to submit to you the top empirically evidence based theories to you from both sides of this issue and then let you consider for yourself which side has the closest side to the truth.

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